How to Get In Shape

When it comes to maintaining our health and fitness, there are many hurdles (get it?) in our way. Our modern lives are predicated upon luxury and convenience, and it’s these niceties that create our modern health epidemic. The world is literally killing us with kindness. A largely sedentary lifestyle and an abundance of processed foods has really done a number on us. These insidious threats to our healths are, therefore, harder to avoid than you might think. However, we have to take it upon ourselves to lead the healthiest and happiest life possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

First and foremost, let’s talk diet. The prevalence of processed foods is a major obstacle in the way of modern health. These convenient food items are affordable, long lasting, and easy and quick to prepare. However, their convenience is due to additives such as sugar and sodium that detract heavily from their nutritional value. Because they are so affordable, however, and addictive, it’s hard for us to put them down. However, your best bet is to replace these items with home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. This will help you have a more balanced and healthy diet, and the immediates you’ll begin to see immediately and continue to see in the long term are well worth the switch. If weight loss is a specific focus for you, changing your diet is the first and most important step, but programs like Weight Watchers can help you trim the fat (Get it?) just that little bit easier.

Next on the list is exercise. Exercise is a tricky thing. The news about processed foods is continuing to come out over time, but we’ve known we need exercise for decades to make up for the lack of naturally occurring exercise in our modern lives. The problem here isn’t a lack of information, but, rather, a lack of both motivation and guidance. Simply telling us to exercise doesn’t do a whole lot for us. So, here’s the best kept secrets of exercise. For starters, you need to come up with a workout routine that suits your specific needs, that focuses more on your weaknesses and not so much on your strengths. Now, the hard work begins. See, exercise is about struggling. “No pain, no gain” isn’t just just the “git gud” of the fitness scene. Pushing your body past its limits is the only way to go beyond those limits and be a better you. So, it can be frustrating and demoralizing. Just keep in mind that struggling is improving and remember Hunter S Thompson’s carcane wisdom: “Learn to enjoy losing.”