All About AC

Servicing your air conditioner before it’s actually needed is the best thing to do. If you want to maintain a green, healthy home, you should try not to wait for dust and dirt to buildup on the unit. It’s easy to maintain your AC; it just takes a little time and effort!

Air Conditioner Filters: Properly maintaining your AC’s filter is extremely important to the efficiency of your unit. If the filter is clogged or dirty, this blocks the normal air flow and greatly reduces your air conditioners’ efficiency. It will have to work much harder if the filter is clogged, but by keeping it clean the energy your AC uses can be reduced by 5-15%.

Some AC filters must be replaced, while others are reusable. During the cooling season, it is a good idea to clean your air conditioning’s filter system every month. If the air conditioner is subject to dust, if you have animals that shed, or if your AC is running all the time it may need to be cleaned more often.

Air Conditioner Coils: ACs running for months and years are bound to collect dirt on their evaporator coil and condenser coil. Although you may clean your filter, which does help your AC to be more efficient, the evaporator coil still collects dirt over time. When too much dirt builds up, air flow is reduced and your air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat is also reduced. This, therefore, reduces your AC’s energy efficiency for your home.

Keeping up with your AC coil’s maintenance allows your AC to last longer and to cool your home more effectively during those hot summer months.

Air Conditioning Size

Bigger is not always better in terms of air conditioning size. Choosing the right size for your home helps you save money and energy. If the AC unit you choose is too large, you will most likely end up spending more money running this huge air conditioner than you want. If the AC unit is too small it will always be running to try and cool the area you place it in. Choosing the appropriate sized AC really is important!

Air Conditioners Brisbane and Your Health

Air conditioning keeps you cool during the hot summer months, so who would think twice about turning one on to get through those sweltering days? There’s nothing wrong with using an air conditioner in your home, the problem comes when it is over used. Overusing your AC is not energy efficient for your home and may also cause some health problems.

Researchers have concluded that between those who have worked outside and those who have worked in an air conditioned offices, the ones who worked in the AC were more likely to get to colds, the flu, and other minor ailments. Also, those who were used to air conditioned places were less able to cope with hot summer temperatures.


Air conditioning is a great amenity for your home. It keeps you cool on hot summer days and if properly maintained can be very efficient. A properly sized AC unit is important so that you can stay cool while being energy efficient, and save money on your utility bills at the same time! Air conditioning is not always bad for your health, but making sure it’s in moderation is a great idea.