5 essential things necessary for a home office

Home based businesses are booming and the growth of the industry is expected to continue to be high.  Thinking of starting a home based business?  If so, once you determine what type of business you want open; will it be a fulfillment business, a virtual assistant, billing company, graphic design company, bookkeeping, copywriting or home inspection to name a few.  Regardless of your chosen endeavor, you will need a few essential items to ensure your success.

You will need a separate phone line from ideally a landline or an additional cell phone.  Some may argue about the necessity of having a separate phone line but it’s important because it is important to be able to step away from your work. Having a separate line allows you to unplug at the end of your day so you can enjoy family and friends.  It establishes boundaries that are necessary to maintain a level of professionalism.  It also lends to credibility as you don’t want your roommate, child or lover accidentally answering the call of a potential client.

Internet service is a requirement as well as it will be the way you develop your customer base and brand identity.  It will be the portal that allows the creation of a website and development of social media presence. This might include coupling voice over ip which will allow engagement with clients in a global marketplace.

Having an updated laptop computer is also an essential item.  It is important to have a reliable vehicle to use to conduct presentations and create a database of target customers or leads. This also requires a good customer relationship management system (CRM), a good accounting system like Quickbooks, Sage or Quicken. Having a good accounting platform makes it easy to create balance sheets and always be aware of the profitability of the business.

It’s also a good idea to have printer, scanner, fax, copier to print any necessary documents like proposals, brochures, business cards and other ancillary items.  It is best to visit an office supply store like Office Depot to check out the products available and price needed items. It is actually a great idea because their employees understand the challenges that may present themselves for an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Never stop dreaming and refining your goal.  Always know there is a place that is there to get solid advice and suggestions which can ensure your success. Business professionals that plan for success achieve their goals exponentially faster than those that hope for success.